Is InboxDollars worth your time?

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InboxDollars has been around since 2000 and it is an easy and fun way for people to make money online. There is no cost to signup and the company actually gives you a $5.00 signup bonus. I signed up with InboxDollars about 2 weeks ago and I have already made about $75 just by completing FREE offers and Surveys.

I’m sure you might be thinking, “Oh she has only made $75 in 2 weeks, WoW!” I know it might seem like a small amount but I now have $75 more than what I have 2 weeks ago.

As you may already know, InboxDollars isn’t the only paid survey panel on the block. However, I think they have some unique features which make them more appealing than most other survey sites out there.

First, I really like the fact that they have a wide variety of surveys to take. After signing up, you’ll be eligible for online focus groups and product testing.

Another thing I like about this particular paid survey panel is the fact that they have relationships with brands that I know well. According to InboxDollars homepage, they’re partnered with giants like Netflix, Walmart and Target. If you’re like most Americans you’ve probably already purchased things from many of these brands yourself and don’t mind giving your opinion on them. It’s just a nice feeling to know that what I say will be taken into consideration at the stores that I regularly shop at.

Any reputable InboxDollars review should mention that this site takes “speeding through surveys” very seriously.

This is because paying market research companies need real opinions and expect to get them when they pay good money for them. Sites that let people randomly check off answers typically don’t stick around for the long-term. This may seem like an annoying company panel but it actually makes for a better survey panel for everyone.

When its all said and done I believe this is a great opportunity for stay at home Moms, students, and individuals who want to work from home to signup for. I am happy I came across this opportunity with InboxDollars.

Join Our Team and start earning today.


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